The bags have been packed, the Japanese crammed and a slightly uncomfortable number of tears shed. Indeed, the time has come for me to leave this teeming womb of royal kings (cue Jerusalem) and embark upon the journey which this blog is designed to record.

I was planning a jaunty photo of myself, hunched over a fast-dying laptop and munching on a slightly discounted blueberry muffin, if not only to prove to you readers that you do, indeed have the right blog. Alas, you’ll just have to trust me. Photos of my living circumstances will be posted as soon as I can reasonably excuse myself from my new housemates (whether this will be a simple or arduous task time will tell), so if any of you happen to be on Skype at three o’clock in the morning UK time, by all means give me a ring. Hopefully I will be almost unrecognisable due to my supreme fluency in conversing with my new companions.

The flight leaves in a couple of hours at the time of going to press, so there is still technically time to pull out. However, I suspect my parents would be just as distraught to find me back on their doorstep for another six months as there were to find me leaving it.

Look after yourselves and keep in contact.



One thought on “Adieu

  1. As predicted, we are home long before you take off.
    So proud of you, Jack. Have a great trip & we’ll look forward to seeing you on Skype tomorrow. Will be thinking of a suitable IT conundrum needing your expert input!!

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