On the Road

JKR_0060I never really considered that Tokyo could become the comfort zone out of which I would have to venture at some point, and yet here it is. About a third of my worldly posessions have been stuffed into a backpack and I have begun my month-and-a-bit long journey around the country and out of it, leaving the relative comfort of a fixed address and living companions.

As yet it could go either way whether this will lead to more or less posting here. The plan is to work my way up the east coast, through Fukushima and past Sendai to the house of my friend in Tohoku, after which I will spend a week in central Hokkaido wandering around mountains and decidedly Essexian fields before flying down to Osaka and working my way back to Tokyo from there. After that it’s Hong Kong and a final stop off in the capital to catch my flight home.

Thus off I stagger, rather more heavily laden than Matsuo Bashō when he began his epic journey. At least I won’t have to cook.


2 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Time flies!
    Take care, being cautious and adventurous in just the right proportion.
    Looking forward to hearing & seeing the trip.

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