So Good he Named it Thrice (or rather, didn’t)


Matsushima truly might have been created by Ōyamazumi [God of the Mountains] in the Great Age of the Gods. What painter or what writer could ever capture fully the wonder of this masterpiece of nature? 

-Matsuo Bashō, Oku no Hosomichi

Ah! Matsushima,

-Matsuo Bashō, when forced to write a
haiku about the place, much later on

The obligatory haiku stone

The obligatory haiku stone

It is perhaps testament to the state of the weather and the time period in which I find myself that I was not quite struck dumb (although poetically the value of my contributions could be called into question) upon gazing out onto the bay of Matsushima. The clouds and impending rain made the sky and water grey, and peaceful views of the countless islands from Ōjima Island interrupted by the horns of ferries doing tours of the area.

Maybe it was just the clouds, maybe it’s peak season for visits, or maybe it’s because I bit into a seemingly delicious curry-pan only to find it stuffed with oysters (serves me right for not reading the sign properly), but it would appear that Matsushima is one place for me to visit again, just to be sure.


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