The Man


Otaku: a person with an unhealthy level interest in a hobby, usually to the detriment of their social skills. Often used to describe Westerners with just such an obsession with Japanese pop culture.

London born and Essex bred, Jack Richardson has spent most of his life not writing poetry, prose, handwritten correspondence and Oriental dispatches. These dark arts join speaking Japanese and taking arty photos of unaware passers-by to form a list of exceptions faithfully recorded betwixt these humble lines of code.

When not writing in the third person in order to add a touch of professionalism, Jack lives in Koenji, Tokyo, where he wanders aimlessly around the city, armed only with a camera, a notebook and his ailing Japanese language skills. He hopes very much that you will enjoy reading of such exploits.

If you wish to submit handwritten correspondence, send an email or other message stating your wishes to the author, wherein he will be happy to oblige. Bonus points will be awarded for letters addressed in kanji.

Only now he’s an ALT in Nanyō in Yamagata-ken and currently in the process of updating (or not) this blog.


One thought on “The Man

  1. Hi Jack, your writing has had me in stitches! Enjoying catching up with your exploits. Take care and enjoy yourself, Kelly (Liam’s mum).

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